What You Need To Do When You Are Unmotivated

No matter how much you love what you do, it is inevitable that you will frequently be unmotivated, or demotivated from a recent failure during your journey. I am going to give you the three things to remember anytime you feel unmotivated, to instantly get yourself back on track.

1. Remember where you were before

No matter where you are on your journey, it can sometimes be helpful to you to look back at where you were before you began your journey. What was your life like, how did you feel every single day about yourself? Were you happy in that point of your life, or were you desperately wanting to be where you are currently, in your journey.

2. Remember your why

Numbers 1 and 2 may go hand in hand for you, as your why might be the condition you were in before. However, I will go more into detail with your why. Why are you on this journey? Think about the people you want to help, the lives you want to improve, or the overall change you wish to make either in you or the world. When you are down in life, you need to remember your reasoning for this journey, and use this to get back up in life.

3. Think about finishing your journey

If after these first 2 things to think about, you are still down, think about where you would be when you finish your journey. Think about getting that job you are pursuing, think about having the money you are chasing or changing the world in the way you desperately want to. Remember that if you give up now you will never get there, and rethink giving up on yourself or staying lazy how you are being right now. Is the hard work and failures worth the ending of your journey, and for most of you, you will find it is 100% worth it to get back up and try again. It is okay to be unmotivated sometimes, but never forget these three things and you WILL keep going.

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