What Is Success?

If I was to ask you right now what success was to you, what would you say? Your mind most likely is picturing the fancy cars, big houses, and an overall luxurious lifestyle. After all, we were all programmed that money was the deciding factor in life, and you are defined by your ability to work a job to provide for your family.

Today, I want to challenge this idea. It is the idea of money as the only measure of success that causes so many people that move mindlessly in life, waking up every day counting down the hours until the end of their shift to start their day. This is an old idea, it is why every parent tells their kid that they have to go to college, and study job outlook and salaries. It is also why 85% of people dislike or flat out hate their jobs.

We need to throw out this idea of measuring of success through money. Money is a good thing, but we need to understand is with passion and hard work in something you love, money will follow. When you allow yourself to push forward in life with your dreams on your back and never let go, their is simply no limit as to where you can go. We as a society need to stop looking at college as something we have to do, and stop looking at jobs as something to "get through" every single day until we retire. You can love your job, while still making a lot of money. It is possible, and it is inevitable if your follow your passion and work hard. Jobs are meant to be boring and mundane, but they don't have to be. If you are happy with what you are doing, and it is fulfilling, that is success. Do not let the idea of needing to be stable plague your life and change who you are. We have to start measuring our personal success through getting in life where we want to get to, and not simply a paycheck.

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