What If Friends Costed Money

We have all heard the phrase "Hang out with losers and become one. Hang out with winners and become one". This is incredibly accurate and true, and I would like to give you a way to look at the company you choose to keep in your life.

With almost everything we possess in this world, our decision is based off of its value to you. When you buy something, you don't buy randomly, you base off of what you get from it and if it is worth it.

This Question Can Change Your Life

What If Friends Costed Money?

What would this change? Well, you would now have to based decisions off of value, like you do everything else. You no longer would be friends with someone because they are "cool" or to avoid being lonely, you now would choose based off of what you get out of it. Not every friend you have has to be a hard working businessman with big dreams and aspirations. Throw out the idea that life is all about career success because it is not. What you consider valuable is your choice, but never underestimate the importance of support and happiness in your life. One of the biggest advantages in your journey to success is having a good support system and people that keep you motivated and happy.

Look at who you hang out, what do they have to offer you? What is their value? You are now looking at your company not in size, but in value, and this is the point. Bad friends are not just a setback, they are a brick wall in your journey to success. Find people that believe in you, support you, and make you happy, and watch yourself soar.

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