The Truth About Stress Heart Attacks

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

What is most peoples least favorite day of the week? Most will immediately think of Mondays, as this is the start of another stressful work week. So, when do you think the highest percentage of heart attacks occur? You guessed it, Mondays, early in the morning, and is least likely to occur on Saturdays. Their is a clear correlation here, between the most stressful day and the most enjoyable day, and heart attacks. Doctors point to the outpour of stress hormones in the body on Mondays for working individuals. We need to change this...

This should be eye opening to people all over the world, especially the working class. Why do we accept this fact, that stress heart attacks are occurring 11 percent more frequently on the first day back to our jobs after an enjoyable weekend. Their are hardships no matter what you do in life, the difference being that those who love what they do tend to be in higher spirits through hardships, instead of feeling demotivated and stressed. A big cause of stress through hardships is not having end goal in mind. For those people who do not love what they do, their is simply not end goal but to make money, and this can cause stress and demotivate people as they go to work. The lack of purpose and goals in many people leaves them feeling stressed and down on themselves, while people with a goal in mind see hardships as motivating and continue to push forward. Love what you do in life, and you can live a life of happiness and success, hate what you do or simply do whatever it is that you believe "pays well" and you will face stress and for some.... death.

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