The Pursuit of a Unknown Passion

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

You hear it all of the time, "Follow Your Passion". To some, this seems easy enough, knowing exactly what they love from a young age that they can do forever. I was blessed to be like this, with a passion for basketball so deep that I refused to accept that their were other options. However, some people believe they have no passion, no path in life and instead decide to spend thousands on college with the major "Undecided". What if I told you that this belief that you have no passion is your suppression of your internal truth, due to social pressures to follow the normal route, whether that be from parents or the broken education system. It starts with the change of your mindset. I mean, you have been told that passions were silly and you should become this or that for your whole life, so this is the route of the problem. As a little boy I was open to trying anything, and because of this I found my passion at an early age, and thus did not listen to the persuasions of others.

It is impossible to find your passion if you follow the mindset that is dictated to you, that college is the only route to stability. In order to fly we must first learn to walk, and most of us spend our lives crawling blindfolded. To walk, we must take one step at a time, we all know this, it is a slow process, but an important one. Ask yourself, "What do I tend to levitate towards when I am free to do whatever I want?". If you are saying, "Well I do a ton of different things", and I understand that not everyone spends all free time doing one thing. But within most things you do, their is a commonality within them that draws your brain towards them subconsciously. A passion is not a job, basketball in itself is not a job. Loving to make people laugh is not a job, and neither is helping people. A passion is something innate, that you gravitate towards, and can be used to find a dream job or even create one. If you are still however, concerned that you have no found your passion, let life come to you. At some point in your life it will become clear, as if you begin to walk and stop crawling, you will allow your inner self to fly, and lead you down your path. Do not become a robot, their are plenty of miserable people out their already, we do not need more...

"First we walk, and then, eventually, we fly. The sky is only the limit for those who believe it is, believe their is no limit, and their will be none:

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