Life Is Short

One day, you will face the life you chose to live. One day down the line, hopefully deep in your future, you will have to reflect on everything you chose to do, and more importantly, what not to do in your life.

Every risk you didn't take.

The girl or boy you let go.

The business you quit on.

The person you didn't stick up for.

Life is in your hands, but life is also short. You do not have an eternity to leave the mark you wish to leave, to create the smiles you wish to create. The future is mystery and the past is history. Today is your present, your gift, all you have for certain and what you must cherish. Go love the person you want to love. Go start the business you want to start. Go be happy, go chase YOU.

Life Is Short

Don't waste another breathe of it unhappy, scared to leap. If you never leap, you will never fall, but you will also never soar. Go get it.

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