How Short Term Goals Lead To Long Term Gain

One of the single best pieces of advice I have ever received was to set short-term goals. In the words of Denzel Washington, "Dreams without goals are just dreams". Long term goals, without short terms goals will never lead to achieving your dreams. Setting short terms goals, monthly or weekly, will keep you seeing your progress, and holding you accountable for daily progress. If you simply go off of long term goals and dreams, you can easily put it off for "tomorrow" or take a "day off", which would be okay until you realize you have taken 4 days off in the week. When you have the sense of urgency around short term goals, such as certain amount of site visitor gains in a month, what you do every day becomes important. How you make use of your daily tasks will decide whether or not you meet these goals, giving you a higher level of responsibility daily.

I advise you not to put pressure on yourself to the point that you begin hating what you do. I advise you, however, to not get lazy and set short term goals to ensure that you get to the point you desire. We all get lazy, even when we love what we do, it is human nature. Short term goals continue your movement forward, and ultimately lead to long term gain and success.

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