Who are we?

Maka is an organization. It is a motivational and advice blog founded on the belieff that anyone can succeed in any journey in their life, whether it be a fight against a mental illness, or a journey to the top of a corporate ladder. The truth is you have the ability to do it, to be successful beyond your wildest imagination. It is a podcast, turning our blogs into words, making it easier to use Maka on the go, through the ability to listen to us and not just read. It is a YouTube channel, where you can visualize Maka and listen to us, as well as witness the acts we plan on doing for good people all around the world who need help. It is a motivation speaking service, and you can find out more about how to hire us by visiting the Hire Us page of our site. We want to speak at places all over the world, including schools, businesses, and mental health facilities. 

Our Mission

To help people become the best versions of themselves, in every facet of their lives.